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Please click here for Sac County Public Health's Interim Decision Forest (as of 1/13/22) that outlines guidance for those experiencing symptoms, Covid positive test results, and/or Covid exposures at home or at school. The Decision Forest is updated regularly, if you have questions please contact the school office at (916) 864-0081.

CMP COVID-19 Safety Plans

January 27, 2021

CMP will post no later than February 1, 2021 CMP's COVID-19 Safety Plans for each of the CMP Campuses.  The site specific COVID-19 Safety Plans include a Sample School Exposure to a Confirmed COVID-19 Positive Person Notification, the CMP IIPP Section 11: Infection Prevention Program Addendum specific to COVID-19 Prevention Program, and the COVID-19 School Guidance Checklist. 

See more for the plans and updates (and COVID-19 Symptom & Quarantine Decision Trees). 

Learning Continuity and Attendance Plans
Prepared environment Welcome to Our Beautiful Classrooms

Classrooms are carefully prepared environments in Montessori education, designed to promote Self-Discipline, Sense of order, Contentment, Focus/Concentration, Genuine concern for others, Independence, Love of silence, Love of learning, Self-motivation, and Happiness. These are the characteristics of the “normalized child” who has their developmental needs met. Maria Montessori considered the normalization process of premier importance, laying the groundwork for a life of learning. Read more about our Prepared Environment by clicking here!


Here at CMP American River we do enforce a dress code (not a uniform policy) that promotes the comfort and safety of all students. Importantly, sneakers should be worn for PE days, sandals should be secured with a back strap and have a flat heel, and distracting branding and cartoon characters should be worn on weekends. We post a copy of our dress code on the website as well as in the campus office.

Campus pic All prospective families: 2022-23 Lottery and Tours

Any families interested in CMP's lottery for the 2022-23 school year are invited to tour the American River campus, beginning in January 2022. A link will be available soon to sign up for a tour on CMP's main webpage -, under the Lottery tab. All tours will be at 5:00pm; January 12 & 26, February 9 & 23, and March 9 & 23. Lottery applications will be available in SchoolMint beginning January 10, 2022.

Counselor's Corner - December

As we wrap up 2021, the one word that continues to come to mind is "resiliency".  Walking around campus and seeing the smiles on the faces of our students (underneath their masks, of course!) makes me hopeful for what 2022 may bring.  It is hard to fathom everything that we have experienced and endured since the start of the pandemic, and unfortunately, we aren't out of the woods yet. Please click more to see a list of social emotional resources that you may find helpful over the winter break.  

book fair picture December Book Fair 12/6-12/10/21

Our winter Book Fair is coming and we are happy to announce that it will be held in the Library with in-person shopping after school. A RSVP will be required to shop to limit the number of people in the library at one time, masks will be required as well. Please see the ParentSquare post by Ms. Caryn to sign up for a time slot and click the link to visit our Scholastic home page and shop virtually!


Saturday, November 13 was World Kindness Day.  All last week, students from every class had the opportunity to place a heart "leaf" on our Kindness Tree in the library, sharing a way they can show kindness to others, or an act of kindness they either gave or received.  In addition, each class was given mini coloring posters to color and display in their classroom, as well as kindness bookmarks to color and decorate from the library.  Our wonderful librarian, Ms. Caryn, topped it all off with reading kindness-themed books to all her classes during the week. Click for more resources and Second Step lesson information...


Our annual APEX fitness focused fun run fundraiser has begun! This interactive leadership and character building program focuses on developing student self-control, decision making, and interpersonal skills vital for school and life success. The lessons tie in with the school's mission, encourages students to create a positive environment, and inspires them to lead by example.

kindness tree Kindness Tree

At this wonderful time of year, as we appreciate and give thanks for one another, we are inviting the students to practice and celebrate kindness...

It weighs as much as sound and light
and can be carried day and night
its trade is magic - dig down deep
for you'll still have as much to keep
and where you give it grows and grows
until one day it overflows --Liz Brownlee

Ms. Stacey and Ms. Caryn have created a KINDNESS Tree in the library that the children will be invited to add to during their visits. It is an opportunity to recognize and acknowledge acts of KINDNESS.  This is also an opportunity to talk with the children about examples of kindness and how they, too, can spread KINDNESS in our world.  

2021 harvest Drive-thru Harvest Festival 2021

Our annual Harvest Festival was reimagined once again this year as we gathered for a car parade featuring the Middle School Haunted House, themed trunks for treats, and our amazing staff of undersea creatures, Harry Potter mates, family game characters and more! We appreciate all the families who got decked out as well, endured the car line, and arrived so excited to celebrate fall and fun times. 


Here come the jellyfish, lobsters, worms, ladybugs, butterflies and more! After learning all about our wonderful invertebrate friends, the TK/K classes make beautiful invertebrate costumes to parade around the school each year so all classes can enjoy them.

basketball CMP Basketball 2021-22

CMP is partnering with Carmichael Parks & Rec to offer Basketball this fall for 2nd-6th graders. Practice will focus on fundamentals of the game, good sportsmanship, and making the sport fun for all! Information and registration can be found at


We'll be kicking off National Red Ribbon Week by inviting students to wear RED in recognition of the largest, longest-running annual campaign dedicated to drug prevention. At the elementary school level, Red Ribbon Week presents another opportunity to share with students the benefits of building lifelong healthy habits, physically, mentally and emotionally.

running for Rhett pic RUNNING FOR RHETT

CMP-American River is participating in the Runnin’ for Rhett Youth Fitness Program this fall. Students in 1st-8th grades will learn about running and physical activity in a FUN environment that encourages pride in movement all in honor of Rhett Seevers. The program will help with strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular fitness while preparing muscles to run without injury. The hope is children will become more active and encourage their friends and family to be active with them!


The Global Cardboard Challenge is a campaign inspired by the short film, Caine’s Arcade. At the heart of the Challenge is an opportunity for children to build whatever they can dream up using cardboard, recycled materials and imagination. CMP American River's annual Cardboard Challenge gives students space to create, have fun, and share their ideas with each other-all classes build then tour the campus-wide event.


September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.  While suicide prevention is important to address year-round, this month provides a dedicated time to raise awareness around a difficult topic.  Suicide is the second leading cause of death among people ages 10-34.  Right now suicide rates among young people are at their highest levels since the year 2000.  We can all benefit from having conversations about mental health conditions and suicide, because just one conversation can change a life. Please click to read more...

World with children pic International Day of Peace

For our annual celebration of International Day of Peace we were happy to see everyone participate in the campus-wide silent Peace Walk, forming a giant, silent circle to contemplate quotes and words for creating peace given by Ms. Teresa.


Our CMP American River Middle School is inspiring and developing future leaders through exciting Leadership Opportunities this year: The Green Team and CMP Young Leadership. The Green Team has reached out to all teachers to discuss green issues including recycling and littering; they will launch an education campaign with younger students to identify which bins are used for what types of recycling. The CMP Young Leaders focuses on building our campus community- they created their first video Newscast of the school year, demonstrating campus W.A.V.E. guiding principles of Working together, Acting responsibly, Valuing community, and Empowering themselves and others!


Each year we celebrate the teachings and dynamic life of Maria Montessori. She was a doctor, research scientist, and educator. Her landmark philosophy recognizes that children have a natural desire to learn and that stages of development exist for which there should be corresponding prepared educational environments. Montessori education provides pathways for creation, exploration, imagination, decision making, problem solving, and healthy social relationships that lead to concrete skills in concentration, academic and life skills. Read more about Maria Montessori by clicking here!


Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!  It is absolutely heartwarming to see students back on campus this year.  School counseling is intended for students with social-emotional struggles or challenges that affect their learning here at school.  Counseling interventions are designed to be brief and solution-focused, and target specific issues or concerns that are directly impacting the child's education.  Possible interventions may include: one-time or periodic check-ins, re-teach of Second Step skills/concepts, individual/small group counseling sessions, or recommendation to outside community resources.  If your child is referred to counseling by his/her teacher or other staff member, you will be notified of the concern before it is brought to my attention.  Please click more to read on...

CMP 20th Anniversary

Welcome to 2021-2022 school year.  This year marks a momentous milestone for CMP, our 20th Anniversary!

On Wednesday, August 4, 2021, CMP kicked off the celebration with a ‘Founder’s Panel”.  The CMP-Community had a chance to hear from the four individuals who started CMP twenty years ago on how CMP came into existence, the challenges they faced along the way, and what they are most proud of about CMP twenty years later.  It was an inspiring event.

Please follow the link to view the recording of the “Founder’s Panel”.

Many thanks to Norman Lorenz, Deanna Gardner, Marion MacGillivray, and Keith Alpaugh. 

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