Together We Get to the Heart of It

11 February 2019


“It Starts with Me…”


Good Day, Dear Members of the CMP Community,


Our stakeholders, including students, staff, families and associates, continue to amaze me with their passion for, and commitment to, CMP.  I often hear references to the ‘spirit’ or ‘heart’ of the school as the stand-out characteristic.  I agree - and, cite this as the primary contributor to the joy I have experienced in serving the CMP community for the past 15 years.


Our Charter documents affirm the importance of that value, with the expectation that our children will contribute to “a better society and a peaceful world.”  I believe it is safe to say that this is a community value, which challenges each of us to find opportunities to promote respect in every circumstance, and to always seek peaceful and respectful resolution in the midst of conflict.


We guard our thoughts (by assuming best intentions), we choose our words wisely, and we act respectfully.  In doing so, we honor our children, improve our communities, and, ultimately, we change our world.


While we, as a community, have an incredible opportunity before us, I fully recognize the crucial contribution that each of us, individually, must make toward achieving those goals.  And, I recognize the contribution that I, as a member of the CMP community, personally must make to achieve those goals.


It starts with me!


Thanks for joining me in this challenge!



Gary S. Bowman, M.S.Ed.

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