CM Thanksiving Festivity

Dear CMP Community,

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all have some time to rest and relax with loved ones this week. As we all reflect on what we're thankful for there are a few things that rise to the very top of my list. In no particular order:

CMP Families

Our families bring so much to CMP. Your commitment to CMP through classroom volunteering, field trip participation, assisting with student enrichment opportunities, and organizing fundraisers are just a few examples of how parents help to make CMP a unique and special place.

CMP Teachers

The driving force behind every exceptional CMP classroom is a passionate and highly effective teacher. Our teachers pour their hearts and souls into our students every day. We ask a lot of them and they always deliver. Whether it's holding not just one but two credentials (Montessori and California Teaching Credentials), serving on different committees, developing rigorous and engaging lessons, or mentoring new team members our teachers are always up to the task.

CMP Staff

There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that CMP is operating smoothly and students and teachers have the tools they need to be successful. There are dozens of CMP team members that work hard every day to ensure bills are paid, rooms are clean, technology is working, students have access to breakfast or lunch, and that CMP continues to run effective programs. We couldn't provide the high quality learning environment we provide without the tireless work of these team members whose work is too often out of sight and unrecognized. Thank you!

CMP Students

We're all here for you! When I visit classrooms I'm always amazed by your curiosity and generosity. Our students are curious about the world and excited to learn. That passion is infectious and rubs off on both fellow students and adults. Our students are also incredibly generous; both to one another and to their community. I see students supporting one another both academically and socially. I also see students taking on projects and causes to better their community. Our students are helping us to live up to our Vision Statement of "creating a sense of social responsibility and empowering every student to be a global citizen."

Thanks to all of you for all you do for CMP.

Now for those photos I promised!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Carmichael Harvest Festival

Elk Grove Gratitude Festival

Carmichael Watch Me Work Night for Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary, Nov. 12th





Carmichael Spelling Bee, Nov. 19th

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